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Redstar on the Rocks

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Welcome to Redstar On The Rocks!  My name is Mary Bass and I'm a transplanted Texan having resided in the north central part of the state for forty-two years!  The offerings here are representative of my lifelong interests and experiences in writing and visual arts. My personal art is primarily in the abstract mode with my favorite mediums being acrylic and ink.  The writing in my collection ranges from flash fiction, to short stories, to longer stories, to poetry.  The examples shared currently have all been published and some are award-winning.

For many years I've been a teacher of writing and an editor.  I handle clients whose projects are all types of fiction and non-fiction including books, stories, biographies, articles, plays, autobiographies, and more.  My editing skills have been vast and cover all forms of writing including technical.  Also, I've taken on writing jobs no one else wanted; for example, I've written medical manuals for hospitals on multiple types of clinical services as well as for emergency rooms.  Should you or friends or family be interested in hiring me as a writer or editor, my fees are reasonable especially for those who are first time or early writers.  Every writer needs a good editor!  Please contact me at

I hope you enjoy your stay on my site and return often!

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